It can be a hassle to get out of your car to manually open your garage door, This is inconvenient especially if it’s dark, raining or cold. An automatic garage door opener can make your life easier and less stressful, but there are some downsides to consider.

Increased Safety and Security
If you have medical issues that make it difficult to bend or lift, manually opening a garage door several times a day can take a toll on your physical health and possibly lead to injuries. An automatic garage door opener can eliminate those risks.

A manual garage door can go crashing to the ground, even if something or someone is in the way, which can cause serious injuries or death to children or pets. Automatic garage doors have sensors that can detect an obstruction and cause the garage door to stop and remain in place or return to the ceiling.

Since an automatic garage door can only be opened by pressing a button or by entering a secret passcode, it will be difficult for burglars to break in. This is particularly important if your garage is attached to your house. Remote controls utilize technology that repeatedly changes the passcode to prevent hackers from obtaining that information and using it to enter a garage without permission. With an automatic garage door opener, you won’t have to install extra locks or a security system to keep intruders out of your garage.

Power Outages
Since automatic garage door openers need electricity to operate, a power outage can render an opener useless. An emergency release cord can disengage the garage door from the automatic opener if the electricity goes out, so you’ll be able to manually open and close the door until power is restored.

Automatic garage door openers can be complicated to install, so the job should be done by a professional. Installation costs depend on the type and size of the doors and the company performing the work.

In addition, automatic garage door openers require special batteries that need to be replaced about every two years, plus routine maintenance, such as cleaning to prevent rust. Repairs and replacement of damaged or worn-out parts may be expensive.

Should You Install Automatic Garage Door Openers?
Many homeowners enjoy the convenience and security of having automatic garage doors, as well as the reduced risk of accidents and injuries. It’s important to be aware of the downsides, though. If you’re interested in having automatic garage door openers installed, contact a few local companies and ask about the models they offer and the costs.