16 10, 2022

Tips to Secure Your Garage Door and Keep Thieves Away

2022-10-16T14:12:26+00:00October 16th, 2022|Commercial Garage Doors, general Information, Residential Doors, Security|

Sure, a garage door offers home security. But having a garage door alone doesn’t guarantee homeowners that thieves won’t try to break in whenever they get the chance. That’s why it is important to practice extra safety and security measures for your garage door. Since one of the most favorite entry points of a thief [...]

3 10, 2022

Should I Insulate My Garage Door

2022-10-16T14:09:00+00:00October 3rd, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Residential Doors|

Adding insulation to your garage door alone will improve the thermal conditions in your garage be it a sunny, scorching hot summer in Las Vegas or a freezing, cold winter in New York. There are just a lot of benefits you can reap when you insulate your garage. Still don’t think it’s a great idea? [...]

27 09, 2022

Tips for keeping your garage door in great shape

2022-10-16T14:17:51+00:00September 27th, 2022|Commercial Garage Doors, DIY Projects, general Information, Remotes, Residential Doors|

You may not have realized it, but your garage door is the largest opening in your home. That’s why it is important to keep it safe and prevent accidents from occurring. How to be Safe Around Garage Doors Garage door-related accidents are not unusual. In fact, there are many garage door incidents reported from hospitals, [...]

16 09, 2022

How to Deal with Winter Garage Door Problems

2022-10-16T14:15:54+00:00September 16th, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Residential Doors|

The cold and dark season doesn’t only mean fun activities in the snow for the children but also troublesome situations involving snow for the garage doors. Taking extra care of your garage door this winter is essential because there are some problems you might have to deal with. Here are the most common garage door [...]

4 09, 2022

Why is my garage door out of it’s tracks?

2022-09-05T22:03:20+00:00September 4th, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Residential Doors|

If a garage door is off tracks, there is a reason for that. Garage doors in the Las Vegas area that were properly installed, should never go out of tracks. If your garage door off tracks, stop using it, and use a garage door specialist to fix the door. Sometime the reason why the door [...]

27 08, 2022

How to Insulate your Garage Door

2022-09-05T22:02:58+00:00August 27th, 2022|DIY Projects|

Garage insulation helps in cutting energy bills and preventing street noise. Below are the steps you need to follow if you want to insulate your garage door. Having an insulated garage door will make your home warmer, cooler, and quieter. It also lowers the energy bills, acts as a protective barrier between you and street [...]

17 08, 2022


2022-08-18T17:31:54+00:00August 17th, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Residential Doors|

The following steps are important when changing a belt drive garage door opener. What are the basics about a belt drive garage door opener? Most belt drive garage door openers are quieter compared to the chain drive garage door openers hence its more expensive than the chain garage door opener. It’s important to note that [...]

6 08, 2022

How do I know I have the correct Springs?

2022-08-18T17:31:31+00:00August 6th, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Residential Doors|

How do I know I have the correct Springs and if my garage door is balanced? It’s important to always have the right garage door springs and a balanced garage door. Checking if your garage door is balanced can be done without calling a garage door technician. In order to prevent, injury or possible destruction of [...]

29 07, 2022

I hit my garage door with my car…

2022-08-18T17:31:02+00:00July 29th, 2022|Residential Doors|

I hit my garage door with my car. What should I do? First of all, don't feel bad. Unfortunately, we get that a lot. The best advice at this situation will be, not to touch the door and not to try and run it with the motor. Call a professional garage door repair company. Garage [...]

13 07, 2022

My Garage Door Will Open or Close by Itself.

2022-08-18T17:30:22+00:00July 13th, 2022|DIY Projects, general Information, Remotes, Residential Doors, Troubleshooting|

Why does my Garage Door Open and Close By Itself? Phantom operation of garage doors is when the garage door makes random operation, be it closing or opening without any instructional operation from the remote or the wall button. Garage doors are usually opened by a remote that usually activates the motorized trolley. The system [...]

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