The ridiculously HOT weather we have been having in Las Vegas brings us to thinking about how to keep our garages cooled off.  The high temperatures Las Vegas residents experience year-round have benefits and downsides.

It is so important to keep your garage cool when the temperatures rise. Some people like to use their garages as an extension of living space which makes it even more important to have some kind of control over the garage temperature.When it’s hot enough outside, being inside your garage can feel like a sauna.

Learn the best ways to cool your garage by following these helpful suggestions.

Why Does the Garage Get So Hot?

If your garage isn’t open to the elements, why does it get so hot? Before you start testing different garage cooling hacks and hoping something works, it’s helpful to learn what makes a garage hot and how the heat gets into the room.

Heat gets into your garage for two primary reasons — inadequate or nonexistent ventilation and insulation. Other factors can also impact your garage’s temperature levels, including its location and color.

Your garage location impacts the temperature because of its level of sun exposure. If your garage has a lot of sunlight beating down on it during the hottest parts of the day or is in direct sunlight all day long, the temperature will rise, especially if you live in our hot climate.


A dark exterior color like black, dark blue or gray can also increase the heat levels inside your garage. A dark exterior, combined with the direct Nevada sunlight, creates the perfect conditions for a miserably hot garage.

Other essential factors to consider are cars or appliances that will increase the garage’s temperature. Parking a recently driven car in your garage during the summer can raise the heat levels. Try parking your car outside while it cools down before moving it inside. Using a washer and dryer inside your garage during the hot months can also impact the temperature.

While you should consider these other factors, the two primary components you should focus on are the insulation and ventilation in your enclosed garage.

A well-insulated garage keeps the hot air from making its way into your garage and the cooler air inside from escaping. Your garage may have a gap under the garage door, under entryway doors or windows or miscellaneous cracks in the structure that can allow hot air inside. Fixing gaps and adding quality insulation can protect your enclosed garage from unwanted heat and make your garage more comfortable.

Insufficient ventilation is a typical problem for many garages, especially ones that lack windows. When you have little to no air circulation in a hot garage, the air can feel heavy and thick, which is not pleasant during a hot Las Vegas day. Having  air circulation in your garage during the summer can make a significant difference in your garage’s temperature.

Why Bother to Cool My Garage?

An enclosed garage is more than a place to park your car or store personal belongings. A garage can be a spot for people who need a room in their home to work or enjoy their hobbies. Regardless of why you spend time in your garage.

Here are some common reasons to keep your garage cool in Las Vegas , Nevada.

  • Workshops: If you consider yourself a mechanic or like to tinker with various projects, your garage will act as your workshop and host all your tools, workbenches and other resources. Cooling a garage workshop is essential during hot months so you can enjoy your work instead of sweating and feeling uncomfortable.
  • Exercise gym: Some homeowners decide to turn the space into an at-home gym. A garage is an excellent location for gym equipment, but avoiding dangerous heatstroke symptoms is essential to completing a successful workout. Learning how to cool a garage gym can help keep you healthy and ensure your workout routine is consistently enjoyable.
  • Other hobbies: Your garage might be a space to accomplish one of your favorite hobbies, such as painting, developing photos, drawing, sewing or any other activity you like to do in your spare time. You’ll want your hobby space to be comfortable and relaxing, not hot and unbearable.
  • Laundry: You may have your washer and dryer in your garage to save space in the rest of your home. Folding laundry while it’s cool and pleasant in your garage makes this chore more convenient.
  • Home office: Many people who have shifted to a work-from-home lifestyle in the past year or so end up trying to accomplish their daily tasks in a spot that isn’t conducive to focusing and getting their best work done. If your house lacks a dedicated office area, consider converting your garage into the ultimate home office space.