Should I install a lock on my garage door?

This is a common question. People often want to secure their house the best way they can. Installing a garage door lock sounds like a good idea and many garage door companies in Las Vegas do try to sell them. But does your garage door really need it? If your garage door doesn’t have an opener installed, it is as secured as the lock installed on it. Your garage door operator, apart from opening and closing the door, acts as a lock for your door.

Once the door is engaged with the operator, opening the door by force requires movement of the motor part of the opener, essentially breaking it. That requires quite a bit of force. To put it in car terms,  it’s like moving your car when it’s in park. And the bolt lock, is like the hand brake.

What are the downfalls to installing a garage door lock?

A side lock for your garage door will definitely make it more secure. But, if you forget to unlock it before opening your door. You risk causing great damage, both to the door and the opener. At C and M Garage Doors, Las Vegas, we advice that if you do decide to lock your door with a bolt lock, you should disconnect the power cord to the opener. This way lessens the odds of you running the motor with the door locked.

A bolt lock is added protection to your garage door and home. However, you probably, will want to use it when leaving the house on vacation etc. and not for daily use.