Adding insulation to your garage door alone will improve the thermal conditions in your garage be it a sunny, scorching hot summer in Las Vegas or a freezing, cold winter in New York. There are just a lot of benefits you can reap when you insulate your garage. Still don’t think it’s a great idea? Read further and find out why you should insulate your garage.

The Perks of Having an Insulated Garage

Indeed, garages are more than just a space to keep your vehicle protected against foreign elements and thieves. Nowadays, you can also turn it into a mini gym, a play area, or a space for project workshops. That’s why many people choose to get insulation for their garage as well. The most common reason is to make it a more comfortable spot just like any other spaces in your home. After all, it’s a part of your sanctuary, too. Here are the perks of having an insulated garage.

1. You can use your garage year-round

Since garages serve not only as a spot for your car but also an area to do things such as working out or crafting DIYs, you can ensure an enjoyable activity no matter what the weather might be if it is properly insulated.

2. Reduced transmission of heat and cold

It would make much more sense to add insulation when you’re using the AC or heat to keep the warmth or cold seeping through the walls. Otherwise, all your efforts to keep your home warm or cold will just go to waste, or the energy you consume, at least.

3. Protect your personal belongings

Humidity can cause items to rust, and extreme temperature can result in damage which might significantly diminish the value of all your belongings. Insulation will keep extreme temperatures at bay.

4. Protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide

Without insulation, any carbon monoxide trapped in the garage from your vehicle can seep into your home and cause a serious impact on you and your family’s health.

5. Reduced noise transmission

Your teen’s band practice will no longer cause serious irritation to your neighbors who are close by. Also, you won’t have to hear all the noise when children are playing, or adults are mowing when you have insulation.