These are some security ideas to help keep your business secure

1. Your Garage Doors are Part of Your Security System

Don’t separate your security system from your garage doors. You should make your commercial garage doors part of your security system by including them in your overall security planning.

For example, you can have cameras mounted on or around the doors. You can also train a camera on to the garage doors. Any mobile viewing options you set up should also give you a clear view of your garage doors.

If you have motion detection capabilities, remote alarms, or sensors, then include your garage doors as well. Motion detection lights around the doors can deter someone from attempting unlawful entry.

2. Always Limit the View Beyond Your Garage Doors

Many overlook some of the more common sense security measures for their commercial and industrial garage doors. One main consideration is how much and how often someone can get a good look at what you have on the other side of your garage doors. For optimal security, mitigate the exposure you give passersby and others.

When things become busy, you may keep your garage doors open for easy access and then forget to close them. Adding a timer to the garage doors can help by automatically closing the doors if there’s no activity for a certain amount of time.

Leaving a garage door open, even if people are around, is never a good idea. You don’t want anyone taking notes on what you keep immediately behind your commercial garage doors.

If your commercial garage doors have windows or slits, then you should cover them. If you need those viewing portals during your hours of operation, you should still cover them after hours.

3. Restricting Access to Your Doors

Know who has access to your commercial garage doors at all times. If someone doesn’t need access, then they should not be allowed access. This restriction will give you tighter security. If someone leaves the business or otherwise no longer needs access to the garage, then make sure you retrieve or disable their access equipment.

4. The Condition of Your Garage Doors is Important

Keep your commercial garage doors maintained and in good condition. Your security measures won’t help if someone can gain access to your garage because it’s in disrepair or poorly maintained. Always test your garage doors and opening system to make sure they are functioning properly. If you come across any issues, seek repairs immediately.

Commercial garage doors typically see a lot of use, and that use can wear them down quickly. Secure, well-maintained doors will help keep your business protected.

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