It seems like everything is “smart” nowadays. From your car to your air conditioner, the Internet of Things (IOT) has made it easy to manage your personal items from your mobile device, and your garage door is no different. In this blog, we explore some of the benefits of owning a smart garage door.

Full Garage Door Control from Anywhere

With a smart garage door system, you never need to worry whether you left the garage door open. Whether you are on vacation, at work or out for the night, you will be stress free knowing that your home is secure. Whether your child lost their keys, or you want to let a delivery person store your package in your garage for more security, having a smart garage door system allows you the freedom to problem solve for the little inconveniences in your life.

Remote Monitoring

Not only is it easy to control your garage door from anywhere that has internet connectivity, but it’s also easy to monitor your garage door. Garage doors are one of the first places that burglars will look in order to gain access to their home. Many homeowners will overlook their garage door when considering home security.

Having a smart garage door allows you to receive push notifications when your garage door is opened or closed. It is helpful when a burglar breaks in, but it will also alert you when your children come home. The remote monitoring of a smart system gives you the knowledge of when someone is trying to access your home through your garage, and allows you the option to do something about it such as calling the police.

Integration with Your Smart Home Features

If you already have a smart home configuration, why not add your garage door to the mix. In addition to controlling when it opens and closes, it also provides you the ability to schedule your garage lights and integrate security features into your garage. Many people who have fully outfitted security will keep cameras around their house, including their garage. You will be able to monitor your entire house from your phone!

Trust the Experts at C and M Garage Doors

Upgrading your garage door to a smart system has many benefits and can greatly increase security.